A good week.

The week before last I confessed to my husband that I feel somewhat miserable lately, and he agreed. We have taken on more than we can manage and being so busy has begun to get to us. I started to feel like I was just ‘going through the motions’ each day. I needed something to … More A good week.


This post follows on from this Instagram Post I put up this morning:  I had an awful day yesterday. Overwhelm, tiredness, pain, it all set in and I couldn’t seem to wade through to the other side. I asked my husband, in the car after work, to help me see what I am missing. Is … More Overwhelm

Just an Update

I just felt like updating because I feel different lately. I feel so much more calm and content and settled… I don’t know what part of it is making me feel so good. I have a lot to be grateful for right now. It could be that: I can see the end, the point where … More Just an Update

Here I am.

I have been feeling different lately. The stifling humidity has passed and the dry season has brought cool days and cold nights. The change makes me want to spend all day outside, sitting the shade and sometimes the sun. I don’t ache and swell the way i do in the humid season. We did this … More Here I am.

Money in May

I cannot seem to stop thinking about our financial goals. I didn’t realise until recently how much impact we could have on this, without necessarily increasing our income. I love watching the changes we are making. In April we paid: $6000 to debt $1000 to savings (an emergency fund, baby step 1 in the Dave … More Money in May