I had a good day

I had a good day today and I thought that deserved a blog post. I too often come here to vent my frustrations (let it be known, though, that I’ve kept a journal as a Word Document on my laptop since the day I was diagnosed, with thousands of pages of how I really feel at any … More I had a good day

F**k pain.

F**k pain. This post is for others like me. This post is published in the spirit of complete, utter, honesty and transparency. Yes, I want to focus on the positives I can find in this R.A. life I find myself living, but today I cant see the forest through the trees. I do my best … More F**k pain.

Seeking counsel

How can you tell a stranger your inner most thoughts? How can you let it all out and not search their face for the signs of judgement and disgust you are certain your confession will illicit? How can you walk away at the end and be comfortable in the knowledge that this person knows so … More Seeking counsel

Change is a whisper

Change is in the air. I can feel its whisper, not quite a hum and certainly not a shout like it used to be for me; but I can definitely feel its understated whisper. I am feeling different and I am thinking differently. I am finally feeling myself open up and accept that things cannot … More Change is a whisper


Something occurred to me yesterday. I was typing a text message and I read back my words: “I am learning to appreciate the way the pain keeps me slow, keeps me living in the moment”. It wasn’t until I read this back that I realised it was true. The pain keeps me in the moment. … More Slow