It is bittersweet the way life seems to go on with or without me. Brent is used to my absence enough that he knows all of Zacs routines, the packing of school boxes, writing Zacs name onto the porous skin of a banana, what time is the absolute latest to start putting socks and shoes … More bittersweet


I know I promised to be positive but I’m feeling shitty. Chronic pain just wears you down despite how resilient and positive you attempt to be. Watching everything that made your life special slip away… Just is kinda shit. I’ve been wishing for just even one tiny thing to happen that gives me a glimmer … More Update

I’m still useful

  This is my plea to be considered a human of value in the professional world, again, despite my limitations. Yes, I am limited, but I am not dead. I want to work and live and contribute financially to my family. I don’t want to sit at home. I’ve submitted this somewhere to be considered … More I’m still useful

Im banned

I am banning myself temporarily from splashing any type of negativity across the pages of this blog. Yes, Autoimmune disease is shitty. Yes, most days I feel acutely aware of the ways that it has ruined my life. Yes, I do feel sorry for myself. Yes, I often have nothing good to say. Yes, I … More Im banned