Change of Luck

I don’t consider myself a lucky person. I have never won any prize or competition, the things I do get, I can directly correlate back to hard work and persistence and I gave up playing the lotto long ago. Don’t get me wrong; I firmly believe in fate and intuition (to some degree) even though … More Change of Luck

A glimmer of good

I have no idea what is going on the past few days. But I feel good. It’s such a foreign but welcome feeling. I don’t feel perfect or amazing but shit, I feel good.  I don’t know if its just because the blanket of infections is lifting and I feel lighter without it on top of … More A glimmer of good

A fractured system

The “featured image” for todays post is from our trip a couple of years ago, across the Madigan Line in the Simpson Desert. It was an amazing trip – we didn’t pass any other cars for 12 days on one of the most remote tracks in Australia.    After being unwell for a month I … More A fractured system

A good weekend

This has been a fairly good weekend albeit a little frustrating with one of it’s revelations. Yesterday we woke early and it was 24 degrees (we live in the very hot, very humid tropics) it was cool and rainy and felt like a typical wintery day anywhere else, it was amazing. So we grabbed our … More A good weekend

Alive enough

I finally feel alive enough to really start thinking about moving forward. Moving forward is going to take quite a lot of  creativity, adaptability and sheer, dumb luck at this point in my life, but I don’t feel that it is out of reach entirely. I think I have shaken all of these infections for the … More Alive enough

Filling in time

I feel so much better. I still have zero energy, but I think that’s fairly normal when you are recovering from Pneumonia and Pleurisy. But aside from the exhaustion and lingering pain all through my rib cage area, I feel a lot better. I feel less zombified and it is grand. I have been venturing … More Filling in time


I am feeling a little better. It is Thursday and I have rested the entire week other then picking Zac up from school and taking him each day and taking him to squad training Monday and Wednesday afternoon (which has been hard this week with the way I am feeling). I have so much rib … More Hopeful