I am still waiting. I am waiting desperately for a suitable job to come along. I am waiting desperately for my medication to eradicate my symptoms. I am waiting to be able to live again once those two things happen. Being sore and broke is not conducive to a particularly exciting life – but I’m … More Waiting

Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do? We swim, swim, swim. This is me right now both physically and metaphorically. I am swimming. I am getting by, nothing is getting much better or much worse. Nothing much is changing too significantly at all. Our financial situation continues to frighten me but we … More Just keep swimming

Shuffling Forward

I think the hardest part of R.A is not the pain and suffering or the fatigue (both of which are relentless and awful); the hardest part is the not knowing and the loss of control.  I wake up and never know what type of a day its going to be. I have no control over it … More Shuffling Forward

No control

(I wrote this a few days back, but forgot to hit “post”.   I haven’t updated here in a while because I haven’t had anything much to say. Life has just been continuing on in this way where nothing is getting better but it isn’t getting too much worse. It’s stuck, steadily somewhere below the … More No control