Day 3 Part 2

So I made the vegetarian taco meat. Its not too bad but it would’ve been amazing if i hadn’t been a ‘stinge’ and bought the cheap taco seasoning instead of the name brand stuff that I used to buy. I use a lot of home-brand stuff but the taco season seems to be ridiculously citrusy! … More Day 3 Part 2

Day 3 Part 1

So it’s day 3 and it feels like the morning (because I slept in to MIDDAY) but its actually almost 2pm. I obviously needed the sleep and I honestly could go back to bed right now and probably sleep through the night (but I wont). I am so tired and despite all the house, I … More Day 3 Part 1

Day 2 part 2

So today was ok. I have progressively felt more and more unwell as the day passed. I am fairly sure I have some sort of “chesty” thing. I can feel the rattle when I breath and overall I just feel crappy – which of course makes the RA symptoms worsen – I am aching all … More Day 2 part 2

Day 2 – Part 1

I am going to post as much as I can this weekend because it might be hard to post in as much detail, once the work-week comes back around on Monday. I am always so wrecked after work! Having a full-time job while also having a chronic illness is a real challenge. I live in … More Day 2 – Part 1

Day 1

It’s Friday night. I decided to ease myself into this new way of eating. So from Monday through to Thursday I tried to eat “mostly” GF/Vegetarian food – with a few slip ups and treats – As of Friday (today) I started a more committed effort. My husband and son went on holiday today – … More Day 1

Change It Up

I have decided I need to change things up a lot. I had to stop my medication last Friday because we think I am having a reaction to it. I have been having severe hot, red rashes on my legs and sometimes on my arms and they itch like nothing I have ever felt before. … More Change It Up