Day 1

It’s Friday night. I decided to ease myself into this new way of eating. So from Monday through to Thursday I tried to eat “mostly” GF/Vegetarian food – with a few slip ups and treats – As of Friday (today) I started a more committed effort.

My husband and son went on holiday today – they flew over 3000 kilometres away (from Darwin to the NSW Central Coast) to visit our family and friends. I couldn’t go because of work – and I am missing them A LOT. I am not going to lie – it is a struggle to be “left behind” even though I understand and accept the reasoning behind it (I couldn’t get time off – but I encouraged them to still go). They will be home in six days.

When I got home from work I popped a vegetarian bean chilli dish on in the slow cooker. I am going to freeze it into a bunch of small servings and I will probably have it instead of meat, in my “taco salads” from now on. It is AMAZINGLY tasty. I am surprised by the amount of flavour and how filling it is. It cooked really fast so I had a small dish of it with some diced up avocado and a sprinkle of cheese – SO GOOD.

I actually feel really focussed and calm about this whole process. It isn’t forever. It’s just going to be taken day by day. It’s a trial and error process. I feel calm about it because I have – for such a long time now – been desperate to reduce my meat intake. There are only a couple of meat dishes I truly enjoy – and I find that most of them are more about the flavours being used with the meat – so I should be able to make vegetarian versions. I have never been able to make the commitment for ethical reasons alone, or for the reason of simply not being “hugely” into meat. But when I put all of that together with “seeing if my meat consumption has any bearing on my inflammation levels”, well I feel a lot more motivated. The “mostly gluten free” part doesn’t worry me either. The struggle is in the sugar reduction – oh boy do I have a sweet tooth.

I really do hope though that my pain levels go down from this healthy eating! It would be AMAZING.

Anyway – so day one is over and it was a success. Here is what I ate:

Breakfast – blended frozen fruit, baby spinach and water.
Morning tea – a piece of watermelon, a slice of kiwi fruit and a large strawberry and a piece of tasty cheese
Lunch – vegetarian curry (made with Sweet potato, white potato, carrot, coconut milk and yellow curry paste).

Afternoon tea – a banana, a cheese stick, some red grapes

Dinner – a small bowl of mashed potato, a small serve of homemade vegetarian chilli with some avocado and a sprinkle of grated cheese.

Dessert/snack – a banana sliced with a trickle of organic coconut syrup over it. YUM.

Pretty good day all in all! I managed to attend one of our infamous (fortnightly) morning teas at work and ONLY eat the fruit – which is huge for me – there is always a banquet of goodies.

I also walked to the post office and back this morning – which is collectively like 2.5 kilometres of walking at the most. All week I have walked there and back MORNING and AFTERNOON – until today – I couldn’t walk in the arvo. I was in too  much pain and too stiff from my RA.

Anyway – this post is truly awful and doesn’t flow at all – Im SO SO SO TIRED and probably should’ve just waited until tomorrow morning to write it 🙂

So I leave you with an unflattering photo of my delicious chilli!



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