Day 2 – Part 1

I am going to post as much as I can this weekend because it might be hard to post in as much detail, once the work-week comes back around on Monday. I am always so wrecked after work! Having a full-time job while also having a chronic illness is a real challenge. I live in a constant state of exhaustion. But I am SO happy that I have a job again. I never want to forget how much it meant to me to get a job again. So….. I am exhausted while being simultaneously overjoyed and grateful. lol.

Anyway, its 12:10… I slept in until after 9am today. The neighbour kids kept ringing our intercom (obviously forgetting that Zac is away with Brent). But I just keep hearing it then drifting back off… never quite awake enough to answer it and tell them to buzz off, hah! I had a “brunch” today because I wasn’t hungry until later. The photo is my brunch! I fried some tomato, avo, basil and an egg  and then put it all on a bed of baby spinach and sprinkled a serving of fetta cheese over it. It was so delicious!

17760245_10154341550691776_5228852836801318791_nBetween brunch and the vege chilli I made last night, I started thinking this whole thing may not be as hard as I thought!

I am booked in to get the Flu jab in an hour. So while I am at the little shopping village I will run into Woolworths and grab some ingredients to do some more cooking this afternoon.

I am going to attempt a Quinoa taco “not mince”. I am realllllllly hoping it goes well. I’m also going to attempt a sweet potato bake – which is NOT actually creamy. It sounds delicious though. I am going to make some fritters to put in the freezer AND a “quiche” that is simply just a little cream, a bunch of eggs, the leftover fetta, spinach and onion (I could live on quiche). This should do me for the week, a nice variety of meals in my freezer for dinner and work lunches! (I still have a bunch of thai yellow veg curries, left from last week and pumpkin soups, and I also have lots of fruits, salad and veggies in the fridge).

It occurred to me today that I really need a food processor if I am to progress with this vege cooking. So many of the most delicious sounds veggie recipes seem to require the use of a food processor and unfortunately my little bullet blender thingy ONLY works well with excessive liquid.

Anyway, I will post again later – some photos of the food i cook and I’ll share the links to the recipes I used.


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