Day 2 part 2

So today was ok. I have progressively felt more and more unwell as the day passed. I am fairly sure I have some sort of “chesty” thing. I can feel the rattle when I breath and overall I just feel crappy – which of course makes the RA symptoms worsen – I am aching all over. My chest is particularly sore and heavy though.

Im pretty frustrated because I had a really nice social night planned for tonight – going over to my cousins house to spend time with his partner. Ive been looking forward to it ever since she invited me. I had to change it to tonight, last night because i was shattered, but I didn’t realise I’d feel sick today and not be able to come over again.

I just had a really light dinner. I made Zucchini and Corn Fritters for dinner – I am not that impressed by them but I don’t want to waste them. They don’t taste bad they just don’t really… have much flavour at all. So I topped one with avo, tomato and fetta for dinner. It was pretty disappointing really, lol. BUT a decent bread type substitute for the toppings, lol. (its not enormous – its just on a small “bread and butter” sized plate)


I also cooked a yummy quiche (no meat). It tastes SO GOOD. I ate too much of it. hence the “light dinner” hah! But I still have heaps for the freezer for work lunches for the week.


I went to the doctor and had the flu shot today. After that i bought some groceries. In a weak moment I bought a sugar free Gluten free chocolate bar (a tiny one – only 100cals) and it was surprisingly VERY yummy. I also bought a pack of gluten free potato chips – which probably aren’t the best choice of food – but I am easing myself into this HEALTHY vego thing, by letting myself enjoy some meat-free comfort food or treats more frequently to begin with.

Other then feeling like s**t today… The food has been nice and I don’t feel ANY cravings tonight. Other then water, water, water – probably because of the super salty potato chips. I have a headache but I think thats this cold/chesty/fluey thing I have going on, not a “lack of sugar” thing. Hopefully.

I haven’t noticed any decrease in pain yet. Though I am experiencing an infection of some description which means a flare up – so I don’t anticipate noticing a change until that passes now.

I am, however, baffled that I have made it through two days meat free with COMPLETE EASE.

that reminds me: i felt too crappy to keep cooking so I didn’t get around to making the meat free taco mince, but I’ll do that tomorrow and report back!


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