Day 3 Part 1

So it’s day 3 and it feels like the morning (because I slept in to MIDDAY) but its actually almost 2pm. I obviously needed the sleep and I honestly could go back to bed right now and probably sleep through the night (but I wont). I am so tired and despite all the house, I had such crap quality of sleep because of pain through the night.

My chest feels worse today and my throat, muscle aches etc. Feeling very fluey. But it will pass eventually.

I had a slice of quiche for breakfast. I think I could live on quiche forever! I am going to have a shower in a minute and wash my hair, then cook that vego taco “mince” I mentioned yesterday. After that I’m going to watch a movie or something (which I NEVER EVER DO in the day). because I feel so shattered today.

I don’t feel anything again this morning… No cravings, no urge to binge out, no desperate pining for meaty foods. It is so bizarre. I am not even desperately craving sugar – which is so unusual for me. I just ate some grapes anyway which were sweet enough.

Today, I want to make sure everything is organised for the week ahead – so that I can have a fail-proof work week. Even though I don’t think i’ll be tempted at all, for some reason (only time will tell though).. I am going to have smoothies every morning for breakfast. Fruit, boiled eggs, vegetables and cheese for snacks and my delicious vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner. I will make sure i have enough to get me through till next weekend.

This is a typical breakfast smoothie and then work lunch/snacks for me at the moment:
The frozen meal is the potato, sweet potato, carrot thai yellow curry I made last week.

17757182_10154325811391776_671931335093948152_n (1)


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