Day 3 Part 2

So I made the vegetarian taco meat. Its not too bad but it would’ve been amazing if i hadn’t been a ‘stinge’ and bought the cheap taco seasoning instead of the name brand stuff that I used to buy. I use a lot of home-brand stuff but the taco season seems to be ridiculously citrusy! I will still eat the batch I made, but next time I’ll definitely make it with the real thing!

I made the quinoa “taco mince” from this recipe. I’ve included a photo of part of the cooking process (after cooking it in a pot on the stove you bake it briefly in the oven to dry it out a bit) and a photo of the final product in a taco salad. The grated cheese in the photo is actually a dairy free, gluten free cheese and it is FRICKIN DELICIOUS. I am baffled because i never ever ever thought I could substitute anything for cheese. If only I didnt ‘live on’ eggs – I could attempt veganism, hah!

Can you believe that is NOT DAIRY CHEESE. It tastes so good and has the same texture of cheese. I believe I could even trick my husband and son with that cheese!

Taco “mince” on the tray after going in the oven

17800072_10154345105246776_7560396899609157309_nMy lunch – egg and lettuce salad.

On a more personal note: I am really missing my husband and son now. I haven’t seen them since Thursday night and they don’t return until Wednesday night (very late – around midnight). The house just does not seem the same without them. Its much too quiet and lifeless. Being unwell hasnt helped me to have a good weekend!

I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow! Plus I know the next three days will fly by, then they will be home! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll take some photos of my packed work lunch tomorrow and continue to update as often as I can about how I am going with the diet change. Hopefully I have some sort of changes to report soon.


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