Self Love and Diet

I mentioned in my goals that I want to approach weight loss from a different angle this time. I am going to elaborate on that here.

Essentially instead of obsessing over what TO EAT and what NOT to eat and WHAT EXERCISE TO DO, I am just going to set some basic principals to stick within, then focus on loving, nourishing and keeping active – both my mind and body.

So the basic principals are:


  • bread/pasta/sugar (1 day a week)
  • boredom-eating
  • laziness


  • movement
  • fruit, veggies and nuts
  • pampering/looking after myself (mind and body)
  • entertaining oneself with means other then food

I want to compile a list of things to do that are NOT eating. I have finally identified my downfall and it is: thinking I am super busy and have no spare time for hobbies and self care, yet getting so bored that I eat, eat eat.

Seriously, I continually tell myself I don’t have any spare time for self care and exercise and preparing proper-healthy food, then I lay here and get so bored that I eat (to fill in the time). UHM, if I have ‘time’ to get bored, I have TIME for self-care!

So here are some things I can do to nourish, and keep active my mind and body, instead of stuffing my face:

  • read – I love reading, yet stopped when I got R.A and only return to it sporadically and briefly (I think its because my hands make it hard to hold a book, but I am sure I can use a little creativity to find a way to do it).
  • ride my bike
  • walk on the beach
  • walks or rides with my family each evening after dinner
  • mini pedicure
  • facial
  • proper nightly skin care routine
  • teeth whitening
  • play with my son
  • talk to my husband
  • go on a date – non-food date
  • minimise our belongings even more
  • budget/future plans/goals
  • sew (I stopped using my sewing machine when I went back to full time work. I used to make and sell patchwork baby blankets and quilts
  • clean my car
  • prepare healthy food or find new recipes
  • write (I love to write)
  • clean (I know its dull but its a necessary evil!)
  • learn something new (a new skill, language, something?)

i have also started working toward one of my goals concerning helping my family to be more active despite my limitations. I have been concerned by how my disease (and the need to rest) is rubbing off on my husband, primarily. He is becoming unmotivated and lazing around a lot. Which is the opposite of what he has always been.

He doesn’t get concerned about it because he is slim, but it still is not healthy. I have encouraged him to join the gym. He used to work out every day and it gave him so much more energy. So I have encouraged him to go to the gym for the ten days my son and I are away, and if he finds he enjoys it again, he will join up. He is excited to give it a try. He used to love working out.

I am hoping we can maybe factor family bike rides in each evening after dinner, before shower time. It might mean a slightly later bedtime but I think it will be worth it, to get us all moving a little more.



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