A New Approach

I have decided to approach my Rheumatoid Arthritis from a different angle (as discussed previously on this blog). The time has come.

I have (for now) given up on the next DMARD, my body does not seem to be able to cope with any of them. So I will try a different approach for six months (if I can handle six months). Immunosuppression makes life miserable for me, because it causes me to constantly catch viruses or develop infections. It just isn’t working.

I went to my G.P this morning (I am not game to tell my Rheumatologist). I told her I am not going back on medication until I absolutely cannot tolerate it anymore. She prescribed me painkillers (to help in times of desperation) and she didn’t try to talk me out of it.

When I got home I called a local dietitian, and told him about me and my reasons for coming to him and he was extremely enthusiastic, excited, even, to meet with me. I know its going to be expensive but I am going to give it a go still.

I told him I am a vegetarian and am in the process of transitioning to vegan. I told him about how instantly and severely sugar makes me swell. I told him that I have given up on modern medication and am willing to try whatever he recommends. He said the sugar/swelling thing is a big clue into what could be going on. He sounded so positive and excited.

My mind hurts. My heart hurts. I am spiralling down, with this pain and discomfort and just the general grief of still being sick and so limited, two years after diagnosis. I have decided to also begin seeing a psychologist. I am able to get appointments through my work, so I will be calling them tomorrow and making a plan in that regard too.

I need to look after myself, Mind, Body and Soul. Entirely.

Also, and I cant even bear to say this out loud… My GP has asked that my son come in on Saturday for some tests as she suspects he may have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. My heart will surely crumble to pieces if this is proven to be true.



One thought on “A New Approach

  1. You can do this, stay strong! Change your sons diet as well, do it together. Life on the other side if medications is beautiful if done correctly. Hang in there. Xoxo

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