Goals for 2018

My Thermomix arrived last night. I am feeling really sick today so I am not really able to do much experimenting. It’s almost the weekend though, so I will get into it on the weekend!

Last night I decided to take a “me day” today and stay home from work. Then I woke up feeling too sick to go to work anyway. Much frustration. I had planned a relaxing day of self care, cooking, reading and resting. Now I just feel too unwell to do much at all.

Anyway. I guess all I can do is make the most of what I have and what I have is some spare time. Yeah, my head, chest and (entire body) hurts, yeah Im tired, but I have time. So I wanted to spend that time making some broader goals. Last week I made goals for the month, but what I am about to write are overarching goals for the year. I can see every last one of these goals as entirely achievable and I plan to have them all ticked off by 31 December 2018. These are the goals that I will be working towards every minute, day, week, month. Once these are achieved (at the end of this year) I will set new goals.

Goals and Plans

By the end of this year I/we will be:

  • A healthy/ier weight (As long as my diet is extremely healthy, I don’t mind if the weight loss is slow and consistent).
  • A healthy family who eat a mostly plant based diet
  • Both Brent and I will have management qualifications
  • We will continue to foster our sons passions and interests and bring joy and adventure to his life
  • When the dry season arrives we will have adventures almost every weekend. We will just head off, all the time, for days and weekends at waterfalls.
  • Be amazing ‘role models’ for our son – in terms of how dramatically you can change your life with some hard work.
  • We will have paid our debt with the exclusion of our Beachfront land and have alot more financial freedom
  • continue our mission of minimalism and a simple life – keeping very little possessions
  • We will live a more active lifestyle
  • No longer buy ANY processed foods – we will make everything ourselves, from scratch.
  • We will be planning or have had an amazing holiday – Achieved 26/03/2018 I booked us a family holiday for two weeks in July to go spend time with my brother and his family. We will go stay at the Whitsunday islands and have an amazing adventure!
  • We will have a plan for our future: where we want to live (and buy a house) and stay for ten years until our sons all grown – we will then put this plan into action and no longer live in our caravan
  • Be saving the deposit for the house (or unit) we will buy
  • Have my R.A under better control – naturally or with meds if required.

I believe that all of this is achievable. I have no doubt in my mind. I am not stupid, i know “life” will throw challenges at us. I know in 12 months time things will be different in ways beyond my goals and control. But for the most part, I believe this list to be achievable.

Bring. It. On.


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2018

  1. These goals are completely achievable and I can see you smashing every single one of them out of the park! You are absolutely amazing!!! I cannot wait to see what you start creating with your thermomix, how exciting!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon! It always sucks when you decide to have those “me” days and then the universe chooses to mess it up for you and say “Hah! You thought you chose this, but joke’s on you!!”

    I miss you heaps and we’ll have to organise a day/time to have a chat soon! love you tonnes x x x

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