Goals for 2018

My Thermomix arrived last night. I am feeling really sick today so I am not really able to do much experimenting. It’s almost the weekend though, so I will get into it on the weekend!

Last night I decided to take a “me day” today and stay home from work. Then I woke up feeling too sick to go to work anyway. Much frustration. I had planned a relaxing day of self care, cooking, reading and resting. Now I just feel too unwell to do much at all.

Anyway. I guess all I can do is make the most of what I have and what I have is some spare time. Yeah, my head, chest and (entire body) hurts, yeah Im tired, but I have time. So I wanted to spend that time making some broader goals. Last week I made goals for the month, but what I am about to write are overarching goals for the year. I can see every last one of these goals as entirely achievable and I plan to have them all ticked off by 31 December 2018. These are the goals that I will be working towards every minute, day, week, month. Once these are achieved (at the end of this year) I will set new goals.

Goals and Plans

By the end of this year I/we will be:

  • A healthy/ier weight (As long as my diet is extremely healthy, I don’t mind if the weight loss is slow and consistent).
  • A healthy family who eat a mostly plant based diet
  • Both Brent and I will have management qualifications
  • We will continue to foster our sons passions and interests and bring joy and adventure to his life
  • When the dry season arrives we will have adventures almost every weekend. We will just head off, all the time, for days and weekends at waterfalls.
  • Be amazing ‘role models’ for our son – in terms of how dramatically you can change your life with some hard work.
  • We will have paid our debt with the exclusion of our Beachfront land and have alot more financial freedom
  • continue our mission of minimalism and a simple life – keeping very little possessions
  • We will live a more active lifestyle
  • No longer buy ANY processed foods – we will make everything ourselves, from scratch.
  • We will be planning or have had an amazing holiday
  • We will have a plan for our future: where we want to live (and buy a house) and stay for ten years until our sons all grown – we will then put this plan into action and no longer live in our caravan
  • Be saving the deposit for the house (or unit) we will buy
  • Have my R.A under better control

I believe that all of this is achievable. I have no doubt in my mind. I am not stupid, i know “life” will throw challenges at us. I know in 12 months time things will be different in ways beyond my goals and control. But for the most part, I believe this list to be achievable.

Bring. It. On.


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