I am…

Mel and I have R.A and Lupus.

I am…

Turning 30 this year.

A mother of one 8 year old boy.

Married to a man whose inherent goodness blows my mind every. Single. Day.

Happy… I am happy and peaceful inside.

A gypsy at heart – my husband, son and I spent 5 years in a caravan travelling Australia and living and working in different places. This experience redefined me entirely.

Trying to get used to living and functioning in suburbia again.

A start-raving-minimalist.

Incapable of resting – I drive my husband mad with my inability to rest. I am either asleep or firing on all cylinders. I cannot stand to “sit around” (unless it’s at the beach). Sometimes my R.A demands that I rest and I am trying to learn how to accept that.

Learning how to accept the limitations R.A puts on me and learning how to live with it and still be me.

Trying to lose half of my body weight – starting with “30kg’s before my 30th birthday”. I am halfway there (to the thirty, not the 50% of my body weight). I am hoping this will take some pressure of my joints and help me to remain active as my disease progresses.

The manager of a very busy cafe in a children’s play centre. It is noisy and fast paced and I absolutely love working there but my body hates it… and tells me that every night when I get home.

On a constant dose of steroids and a chemotherapy drug (immunosuppressant) called Methotrexate. I always feel sick for a day or two after the Methotrexate, but I had good results with it at first however recently my pain has been firing up again.

Basically… I am… just trying to accept the hand I have been dealt but still live the life I want to live. This blog is a place for me to release the frustrations of living with Autoimmune disease and to celebrate the victories I experience. I refuse to live a mediocre life and that refusal leads to some fairly conflicting experiences, emotions and days in general.

Read on if you like REAL. Read on if you love contradictions and highs and lows and everything in between. Read on if you have R.A and want to feel a little less alone in what can be an extremely miserable disease to deal with.








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