Our Adventurous Life

In a past life we were adventurers and the majority of the photos you will find featured in posts within this blog come from that time. They are not relevant to the subject matter of the posts and they are just simple, mobile phone photos – nothing aesthetically special – but to glimpse them on here all the time and the memories they bring forth, means a lot to me these days.

From January 2011 through to February 2016 we primarily lived in our caravan, travelling Australia for six to ten months at a time then stopping somewhere unique and new to us to work for 6 months to fund our next trip. This became a lifestyle for us, not a holiday.

During this time life was a series of never ending sun rises and sunsets, afternoon walks on the beach or entire day 10Km bush walks to waterfalls and through gorges. Every day was a new, outdoor adventure where we immersed ourself in nature and all its beauty. This trip was healing for my husband after he plummeted into Depression mid 2010 after an indescribably awful tragic loss in his family.

January 2015 we were just gearing up to head off travelling again, after 6 months of work and extremely frugal living to save for our next adventure. I came down with what the doctors thought was Ross River Fever – but to this day I am still not sure if the RRF was the catalyst for my Rheumatoid Disease coming to life, or if what we thought was Ross River Fever was in fact my first ever R.A flare.

This illness made the next year of adventure extremely difficult for us. I was sick for three months then it all calmed down, only to ravage my body again in September when we found ourselves managing a remote caravan park on the Great Australian Bight. I had no access to specialists and struggled to work, so we had to make the decision to leave – pause our adventure – and head to civilisation until things were sorted out.

It has never been that easy for us, though. We’ve been in civilisation (Darwin N.T) for 9 months now and despite access to an excellent specialist we are struggling to get my sickness under control. The arthritic symptoms are extreme and I struggle with a myriad of mobility issues and intense, relentless exhaustion. This has affected everything. I had to give up work again and I have had to accept being unable to go for walks and adventures due to being physically incapable and also Autoimmune disease making me react extremely badly to heat, sunlight and humidity.

So basically that is why I want to fill these pages with photos that remind me of the best times of my life. The freedom, the travel, the adventure, the simplicity, the independence, the joy, the beauty, all of it. I don’t want to ever lose the many ways that life shaped my insides.