May Goals

It is April 30 today. I plan to do an April recap in the coming days but right now I really want to get my May goals down here. May Goals 1) Continue on with plant based diet (I don’t even think this needs to be a “goal” at this point, its really a total habit … More May Goals

Money Progress

We have made great progress this month. We each took our son on an individual mini-holiday to stay with family. We each had a $500 spending budget for the holiday and we both stuck under them (only just). We are almost to the end of April, and we have stuck to our April budget 100%. … More Money Progress

April Goals

Each month of 2018 I plan to make and achieve monthly goals that assist me in working towards my yearly goals.  In March I achieved most of my goals – including the most important/significant ones, thankfully. I am proud of this accomplishment. It is now time to set some goals for April, to keep taking those … More April Goals